Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am the BEST!

Ok, so I am in high school and there are so many people from all over the united states wanting to go there because mainly we have the countrys best Theature teacher! TEEHEE***BRAG** :3  Anyway <3 I am in chamber orchestra! If some of you people do not know what that is that is the HIGHEST LEVEL orchestra there is! and I practiced 4-6 hours a day on my OWN for 2 years, and we had a playing test yesterday~ 9/12/11 <3 and I felt that i did so bad because i didn't practice the test! I only got 2 MINUTES. Which is no help! But anyway so I played for her- My teacher Mrs.Guthrie <3 



But She has been so nice to me the whole year so far! :'D Teachers Pet? Hahaha Just kidding~
But back to the point! Today my teacher was telling us all to go to the back of the room with our stuff because she was naming the people and what there chairs are. Then she got to the Viola section and she called my friend for 1st chair. and then she called 2nd chair..................ME! IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL. OUT OF 4,000 PEOPLE. HOLY CRAP!!!! <3 I was in shock! I couldn't believe it! and guess what my 'best friend' got really upset and the day before she was like 'Don't be upset if you get last chair or anything it's not that your not good and it's just that these people have been playing for a long time. haha"

You mean brat.

But Then the next day when she assigned chairs I was so happy and after we packed up to leave I talked to her, and she was so upset because she was 2nd to LAST chair. Then she said " Oh my god. I am so upset. The seating is all messed up. I don't mean for this to mean anything against you, but like...I should have been 4th chair atleast. Like You have no idea how many people have worked for years to get that chair. Like i mean 8 YEARS. and you just come in and take it?! I mean it's just not fair."

                                TALK ABOUT MEAN GIRLS.

I means seriously If i got last chair and you got 2nd or 1st i would have supported you and been like great job! and so happy. You don't have to bash me and hurt my feelings. I worked HARD to get in the place I am. But, I know I didn't work as hard as you. I just happen to be lucky. So please Stop.~

   Has this every happened to any of you guys? 
                                                                                                  So rude sometimes.

But anyway! I am SO HAPPY! <3 Thank you god for giving me this talent <3 :')

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