Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little things that make me laugh.

When I see flaring nostrils :8) TEEHEE?
I just love the fact that someones nostrils are flaring. xD I am such a werido. <3

                                                        Adorable <3

I made up this joke with my friend. This guy he was talking about how cute I am and how he loves my style. and then we somehow got into the subject of feet. LOL and he was like can you imagine if someone comes up to you and says "You're cute..." other person "Thanks." *Smiles and brushes hair* "Oh....I was talking about your feet." then I rearranged it and said 'and after you say that they say " PEDOPHILE!!!" and run away awkwardly. :D xD <3

Good times :83



I am obssessed with stick figure comics <3



All sleepovers with my friends. LOL
Everything we talk about comes out with an insider. Such as barney... My friend and I stayed up with 4 others  till 6:30am :D and we all got so high it wasn't even...not funny. xD and my friend started to hump/spazz on my other friends leg and she was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" and she said "I am showing barney my loveee like he shows me!" and sissy was like "BUT I'M NOT BARNEY." ~~ " but you feel FUZAYY." "thats the blanket...." "oh......" xD It was funnier in person but every insider we have is like we could die because it's so hilarious! Like the other day I had a sleepover and we were talking about queefs. xD We call them the wanna-be's. xD <3 My life is careless <3 and what i mean by that. Is I am NOT afraid to live the way I WANT too <3

                                                                  SAMMICH! <3


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