Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My trip♥

Ok, so today i was supose to go to a store to get pink paint for my room.  We are gonna re-model my whole room! I am gonna get stuff from IKEA ♥ So, basically I went to the store and camera whored. o^-^o   

                                                                It's called Walmart.

So i got inside and decided to take pictures of everything. ♥


I was in love

Ok, so my hair looks oily right? But it really isn't. -.-"

I still like the photo :8) <----------- Nostrils ♥

What is that......... O.O


How pretty is this plate? I mean seriously! ♥

                                                                Ok, so I was looking for pink paint in the colorful section. ♥


 I picked out these colors o^-^o ♥ They are gorgeous♥

But of course i stayed in the store for like 4 hours and didn't even get paint.....
But i got a fuzzy chair and happy bunny ♥


And then i get home again and take more pictures ♥
                               Going home      ♥
                                                                                                        At home ♥



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