Sunday, October 30, 2011

I love her way to much. ♥

Hello readers! o^-^o

So I am here to talk about my best friend in the whole entire world Pierina ♥ I have known her for a long long long time. We've been friends since the 5th/6th grade ♥ We've made video's together on youtube when we were little girls. We pretty much made our own little show! Although we stopped making videos together...because School is so DAM (the things beavers make) 

HARD(難しい....sigh..) Well, we've went through major impediments, conflicts, and dreadful moments.(Smart talk)

 BUT, we've got through it together! :'3 So anyway, We both have shared our secrets and takin' our photo's in life. Now, ever since August. All I've done is think about her birthday and what to get her. EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don't know why....


SO! She is OBSSESSED  with Harry Potter. So was I but not as much as her. So everyday I am like Pierina=Harry POTTAH. Then one day out of the ordinary I want to read. THAT'S ALL. and I am still like that! (By the way..I never read. Never.....) SO, I pick up a harry potter book because I don't read so I don't have books but I so happen to ONLY have harry potter books. (Yes they are mine) and I start reading........


Fear Face.

So lately all I think about is harry potter and reading (and blogging :3)! Now I am completely in love with Harry potter. Of course the movies are over. BUT SO WHAT YO. But I have a wand that I bought before this outraging obsession! :3

Here are a couple books of mine~
                                                                                                          I am reading this one :3

ANYWAY! Back on pierina! She made the part Wendy in a play Peter Pan! It's a big deal to her! I am soooooooo proud of her! (Look at me showing her off :3) I love my pie ♥ and My main point here is she is the bestest friend I have ever recieved. She is a gift from heaven. I love her! Plus for her play I made her something. But I won't blog about that until thursday ;) Get ready!~

I love you ♥

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch YOURS.♥

Hi guys, (my title sounds weird xD)
I came up with an idea which may or may not help my blog. But, if this does help it then It was a great idea!
So as a lot of you know, everybody on blogspot or in any other blogging site wants to have LOTS of followers so either they can make money, become famous, or spread an opinion.Well, I honestly like all of those, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with gaining more followers! I know everybody's like 'Oh blah blah blah, She is just some person in the world who is gonna try and fail.' Well, I may be that person or one day because of YOU people I could become really popular and RULE THE WORLD! >D 

i mean........

Spread world peace! ;D


But anyway! This is like a contest yet not a contest.... :o So, basically I want everybody who reads this to follow my blog first. Then I want everybody to copy my link and post it on random pages on facebook or Youtube or anywhere you'd like. Next, text or call your friends and tell them about it. Then, (lots of steps :3)
Comment on one of my posts on blogspot giving me proof that you did all of that. For Example:

How many people:
Names of these people:
Blogspot Names:
5 Places I posted this on:
Why did I do this?:

Then if you did that, I want you to draw me or write me a note/drawing with SkybabyAngel on it and take a picture of you and the drawing/Note. If you can't It's ok. But if you can please do, or I will find out your LIE >.>...........................thennn...I will do these few things(I am only 14 BTW Limited things I can do here.):

I will give you a shoutout on one of my youtube videos.
I will write a blog to you or about you.
I will follow your blog.
I will answer any questions you want to ask.(Appropriate Questions.)
and I will draw a picture for you! (Any specific drawings?) (:

Ehh, it's a cheap gift but I hope it's good anough for a couple of clicks with your mouse. o^-^o

Thank you so much ♥


Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Opinion on Random Things. Part 2

Number 1
Perfect things.
1a. Perfect People.




But seriously...

Perfect right? RIGHT?! JUST ADMIT IT D:

1b. Perfectly cute things.
                                                                         It's to much......

How creative! :D 



1c.Perfect Places/Houses.

You know, I don't understand why life has to be so complicated. Like why are there such ugly houses and such beautiful houses/Places. WHY CAN'T THEY ALL BE PRETTY D: I mean unless theres a criminal around then..they don't deserve POOP.

I would take any of these IN A HEARTBEAT.

But back to REALITY.

Number 2
I Honestly Used to HATE anything touch screen. Because I used to have these crappy phones that had touch and the re-action to when i touched it was HORRIBLE for example. If I touched 7 on the phone pad it would 'touch' 1!! LIKE REALLY..... ...............But anyway, my mom got the IPhone 4 and It's just so beautiful :') Then EVERYBODY like I mean EVERYBODY got Itouchs! (AKA-Ipods) But, guess who didn't have one. and my 4 year old brother (now 5)  HAD ONE. 4 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! but I took his ipod over anyway ;3 Then later on my mom saw how much I loved it and took care of it (tried to anyway...4 years old...) So then I got one :D and Trust me I blinged it up! 

sooooo girly...
LOL kidding but this is mine :3

Girly Huh?

and you should see my CASE.
But thats for the other blog post coming :3


I completely SUGGEST getting the IPhone or ITouch. BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD ♥

Number 3
I wish that reality was a cartoon. Everthing made up from imagination, nobody cared about the way others dressed. Everybody was perfect. POKEMON WERE REAL. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.




Then there is judgement.
Oh shut up.

and sometimes I GET MAD.


Then why is there pretty people and ugly
Why can't everbody be even?
Why? You know?

(as I end this with a deep moment....)



Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Horror Nights. ♠


Queen Of Hearts
Ready to scream? 


Ok, So I went to Halloween Horror Nights. Universal's Most popular time of year. Where the most scariest things of the year come to scare the soul's out of there visitors. I gotta say, Halloween Horror nights Is the best put together set in the world. This year they would put a projection on the buildings and they would look like they were falling apart! It was amazing with how real it looked!

Then there was the scare zones. Now When you go to Halloween Horror Nights (AKA:HHN) the whole entire place is not filled with scary people and blood. They have area's to were if you wanna relax or get away from it you can. But, these scare zones you have to walk through to get to where you need to go. 

In each scare zone they always have scary characters come walk by you or pop out at you and scare you with some type of motion.

My most favorite part of Halloween Horror Nights is the Bill and Ted Show!
It's the most funniest part of the day. This show is about making fun of popular people like Osama Bin Ladin, Rebecca Black, and Chow from Hangover. They always get all these things from what happened in the year that people cause drama over and make jokes out of them or copy them. This year they had these characters in there: 
Angry Bird-Black Bomb Bird, Osama Bin Laden, George Busch, President Obama, Glee, The Smurfs (Papa and Smurfett), KE$HA, The OLD Edward and bella, Nicki Minaj, 300(I think), and More.

not this years show. BTW^^^

This years Show! o^-^o^^^

Now, My most hated part of Halloween horror nights is when these chain saw guys come out at you and scare you to death because there leaf blowers and chain saws are so loud. By the way they use real chain saws and leaf blowers. but, they take out the blades and all the dangerous stuff so all it does is make sounds.


I had fun though. I saw a few of my friends and I  hung out with My friend AJ he is awesome :D 

Now here are some extra pictures~