Saturday, October 1, 2011

5 things I obsess over~

Number One
                       It's just what makes a person special~

Why: I am into hair because you can do SO MANY THINGS to it. Like curl it, straighten it, wave it, crimp it,  fish braid it, anything! It's the WORLD to me. ♥  It's like my baby! ♥  

Number Two ♥

I love clothes. Expessially dresses and coats. Pink in my type of style clothing is a must have. My style requires lots of classy kawaii things. Such as bows, expensive jewelry, Sexy leggings, and more! This is what I love about it so much! It keeps me entertained! and who doesn't love a good  complement. (; 

Number 3

Make-up Has been something I have loved ALL my life. Like, When I was a little girl i would go into my moms make-up and smear her lipstick all over my face! haha I would look like this.


But anyway I would paint my nails and everything. Just like a princess! I love make-up so much. Like you have no idea. I think of make-up as a beautiful art that brings life to this world! I will admit people these days use it for insecurities. Which I honestly think everyone is beautiful in this  world in every way. Unless there a b*tch and have no respect for others. Then I understand why no beauty comes upon those losers. But, anyway! I just love it.

Number 4 ♥

It's all so KAWAII! ♥ I love the fact that it's dramatic and you can fall in love with the character and Dress like them. AND THOSE BIG EYES! ♥ WOWOWOWOW ♥ Kawaiii!  Just WOW just AMAZING ♥
Here's an example of how much i love- anime. I dressed up for an anime convention 3 times because it was 3 days long and I got the VIP pass and got into this little rooms and learned and made things! Best time of my life! :D

       I made this at the convention~        I am sowing here ♥

Number Five

 YUM ♥ I'm a Fatty ;D ♥


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