Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Horror Nights. ♠


Queen Of Hearts
Ready to scream? 


Ok, So I went to Halloween Horror Nights. Universal's Most popular time of year. Where the most scariest things of the year come to scare the soul's out of there visitors. I gotta say, Halloween Horror nights Is the best put together set in the world. This year they would put a projection on the buildings and they would look like they were falling apart! It was amazing with how real it looked!

Then there was the scare zones. Now When you go to Halloween Horror Nights (AKA:HHN) the whole entire place is not filled with scary people and blood. They have area's to were if you wanna relax or get away from it you can. But, these scare zones you have to walk through to get to where you need to go. 

In each scare zone they always have scary characters come walk by you or pop out at you and scare you with some type of motion.

My most favorite part of Halloween Horror Nights is the Bill and Ted Show!
It's the most funniest part of the day. This show is about making fun of popular people like Osama Bin Ladin, Rebecca Black, and Chow from Hangover. They always get all these things from what happened in the year that people cause drama over and make jokes out of them or copy them. This year they had these characters in there: 
Angry Bird-Black Bomb Bird, Osama Bin Laden, George Busch, President Obama, Glee, The Smurfs (Papa and Smurfett), KE$HA, The OLD Edward and bella, Nicki Minaj, 300(I think), and More.

not this years show. BTW^^^

This years Show! o^-^o^^^

Now, My most hated part of Halloween horror nights is when these chain saw guys come out at you and scare you to death because there leaf blowers and chain saws are so loud. By the way they use real chain saws and leaf blowers. but, they take out the blades and all the dangerous stuff so all it does is make sounds.


I had fun though. I saw a few of my friends and I  hung out with My friend AJ he is awesome :D 

Now here are some extra pictures~


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