Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ready, Set, Faint?

Ok, So I play the Viola and 6 other instruments. But, The viola is my MAIN instrument. But, I was walking out of school with the world in my hands.

      If you look at this picture, and know what I am talking about you're smart.

Then my teacher comes walking by about to go to the teachers lounge or something after school, and so happens to say ,"OH! You play!?"

                        As she walks by with this face.

and I say yea and she says "oh, why don't you play in class  for extra credit? :D." and of course my grade in that class is not amazing so i will do anything to get a good grade. Like the nerd I am, and So today was the day i had to perform. But first i had 3 performances to do. The first one was in orchestra for all-state, and for those who do not know what that is, that is when all these judges pick out excerpts from music pieces and send them all over the state for orchestra players in school. and we get about a month to practice or more or less.  Then we audition in a curtain area, and if we make it we peform in front of a huge audience. It's really fun. I mean if you make it hahaha....which i didn't last year.....ha...ha....

                                         This is the music i have to play(8:

those are nostils btw.

So i ended up panicing and blacking out when she asked me to go up. Then I said no and I started crying?! I mean seriously?! wwhhatt thheee heckk? I could do it but like i said i paniced and blacked out. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. FML. Then during 6th period I have world culture. JUST EWWW.  but i played 'Part of your world' from the little mermaid and apparently i did good but When you play an instrument as well as I can you can notice every little thing and it BOTHERS you A LOT. 

         Annoying Orange anyone?

Then I had a drama monologe right after that to perform. I performed this play called 'All My Sons' by Arther Miller. But you know...i sucked so bad! But apparently to my teacher i did great. Thank goodness it's a sad piece, because i had no idea i would blackout during the play. but yea i sware i looked like this kid right here.


But, in the end. Atleast I got the grade. What a nerd. but, before you make fun of me. Atleast I'll be rich ;D...........Nah , I'd still make fun of myself. LOL


  1. Violas <3 <3
    are so amazing.
    And you totally deserved to get into all-state i'm sooo surprised you didn't.


  2. It's because I panicked so badly :'((( Which I hate! :(