Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch YOURS.♥

Hi guys, (my title sounds weird xD)
I came up with an idea which may or may not help my blog. But, if this does help it then It was a great idea!
So as a lot of you know, everybody on blogspot or in any other blogging site wants to have LOTS of followers so either they can make money, become famous, or spread an opinion.Well, I honestly like all of those, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out with gaining more followers! I know everybody's like 'Oh blah blah blah, She is just some person in the world who is gonna try and fail.' Well, I may be that person or one day because of YOU people I could become really popular and RULE THE WORLD! >D 

i mean........

Spread world peace! ;D


But anyway! This is like a contest yet not a contest.... :o So, basically I want everybody who reads this to follow my blog first. Then I want everybody to copy my link and post it on random pages on facebook or Youtube or anywhere you'd like. Next, text or call your friends and tell them about it. Then, (lots of steps :3)
Comment on one of my posts on blogspot giving me proof that you did all of that. For Example:

How many people:
Names of these people:
Blogspot Names:
5 Places I posted this on:
Why did I do this?:

Then if you did that, I want you to draw me or write me a note/drawing with SkybabyAngel on it and take a picture of you and the drawing/Note. If you can't It's ok. But if you can please do, or I will find out your LIE >.>...........................thennn...I will do these few things(I am only 14 BTW Limited things I can do here.):

I will give you a shoutout on one of my youtube videos.
I will write a blog to you or about you.
I will follow your blog.
I will answer any questions you want to ask.(Appropriate Questions.)
and I will draw a picture for you! (Any specific drawings?) (:

Ehh, it's a cheap gift but I hope it's good anough for a couple of clicks with your mouse. o^-^o

Thank you so much ♥


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