Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hair Tips, School, and Life.

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been blogging. :'( I've been busy of my butt trying to get straight A's in school! I have A's B's and like one C right now. :( If I don't raise it and listen up. I may not pass my end off the year exam and loose my credit for the year! D': But, lately my life has been a piece OF SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHANANAGINS.

Soo, Yuurrr(Yup, yea, yes). But, The most tragic thing(In my opinion) happened to me yesterday(11/16/11). Soo, It was my stepdad's Jason's Birthday yesterday and we were all getting ready and stuff and my grandma decides to give me this fictitious information about how to get rid of friz in your hair using Baby oil. So I thought to myself I am about to take a shower after I clean my room and do my homework so I'll try this fictitious INFO and see what happens.............

This is what my grandma's face looked like when I turned my back.

Now, Lets say after my hair drys..I have to wash it 20 more times. Guess why?..............BECAUSE ITS DRIPPING A CRUMBLED TOGETHER OF BABY OIL. But, guess what did calm down the frizz. But, if you try this do it on a weekend. Please. Otherwise you will have to go to work or school the next day dealing with horrible nasty oily "wet looking" hair. and I don't want anybody to try this out without my warning of what it does.

ewww.... :'(

soooooooo......My life is a wonderful world of people that poop butterflys, pee Rainbows, and eating people like voldemort. (Harry Potter Thing)
But, If you really wanna know a couple ways to De-frizz your hair here are a little tips I picked up.(:

  1. Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static, so deep condition regularly. I recommend you use a deep conditioner about once a week. You can leave the conditioner on for anywhere from ten minutes to all night long while you sleep!
  2. Since moisture is tantamount in keeping hair smooth, avoid products that include drying ingredients like alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfates.
  3. What lots of ladies don’t know is that towel drying your hair can actually create more static than blow-drying if it’s not done properly. Here’s a trick: instead of rubbing or wringing hair out, blot dry with a thin towel made for drying hair. (If you don’t have one, an inexpensive hand towel will do fine.)
  4. Stop washing your hair every day. No, really. The scalp’s natural oils smooth your hair and ward off both frizz and tangles (which can cause breakage and lead to more frizzing).
  5. Contrary to popular belief, blow drying can be done without creating frizz if hair’s properly finished; to do this, apply a leave-in conditioner that’s made to prep hair for heat styling and comb through damp hair with a wide-toothed plastic comb. Then, use the concentrator attachment on your blow-dryer and dry downward so that the follicle is smoothed flat toward the ends of your strands.
  6. The appearance of frizz is often caused by split ends and breakage, which create weaker, larger ends of the hair’s strands that reflect sunlight particularly well and are very noticeable. Combat this effect by getting regular trims to keep ends healthy and smooth.
  7. Brush your hair with a plastic-bristled hair brush rather than horsehair or other fiber bristles. Plastic bristles create less static and help the follicle to lay flat, avoiding further damage.
  8. Run a fabric softener sheet (like the ones you use in your clothes dryer) over your hair and watch static frizz and fly-aways disappear. (You can even use a sheet you’ve already put through the dryer, if you’re a tightwad like I am - the used ones work just as well.)
  9. You probably know to use an anti-frizz serum or glossing serum to finish your style; however, instead of applying it directly to your hair first or rubbing it between your palms, try smoothing the serum through your comb and then combing your hair to apply. This ensures an even application and dispels any frizz-breeding effects your brush’s bristles might impart on your hair.
  10. In a hurry? A dab of any common moisturizer can double as an on-the-go de-frizzing cream. Simply rub the moisturizer between your fingers, and then run your hands over and through the frizziest parts of your hair. You’re so smooth.

Tell me if any of this helps. (: 

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