Saturday, November 26, 2011

Minutes of my life.♥

I have a long post for you today! o^-^o SO, basically I will start off with my ThanksGiving! It was...good.I mean it could have been better but you know~but Except for when the food came out it was amazing :D YUMMMEHHH♥(Of Course) But, anyway so we had people over and dahdahdahdah. lol

Ok, so i know what you are thinking. THIS PUPPY IS ADORABLE! If you added a red nose and Antlers  to her she'd look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ♥

She's my Aunt Joyce's puppy o^-^o She was at Thanksgiving with us :D
and as you guys all know black friday is right after Thanksgiving. but guess what....I DIDN'T SO ANNYTHING. But, hangout with my BFF MisMissy ♥
and we had fun. Like we literally did a hilarious make-over! IT


Then I happen to have all the games in the world at my house, and I decided to play my xbox♥ With the kinect. So, we started to dance to the game DANCE CENTRAL. :D My favorite song is poker face(and also Satisfaction LOL) and My favorite song to dance to is Move ya body. I love the dance so MUCH. It tis' be awesome..(IDK) 
My XBOX360♥
and trees. :D ♥

Well, also my other friend came over that day (Maxwell) and he was SUPPOSED to bring my harry potter wand and 2 other wands. BUT, he happened to be OUT before he came so he couldn't bring it. :'( But I shall get em' soon! >D 


But, as the day goes on while MisMissy was here. She happened to braid peoples hair like crazeh. BUT SHE  IS SO GOOD.

Isn't she AMAZING at this?! I mean come on. That's awesome. 

So yea! Look at my new and improved living room. I mean It's still being improved but its GORG.

There's a 55" flat screen on the right side.(out of the picture.)

and Since I am talking about rooms. Look at this DREAM room i saw at Kanes Furntiure. ♥
Now I would show you the whole thing but my lovely mother decides oh i'll delete all the pictures of MY DAUGHTERS FAVORITE BEDROOM. BTW, i cryed looking at it. LITERALY it was SO funny LOL. The sales guy freaked out because I was crying and he was like "OH MY GOD! ARE THOSE ACTUAL TEARS COMING OUT OF YOUR EYES?!....WOW!" then later on "Here is the award for the worlds best actress!" and I was like "THANK YOU! THANK YOU :')" hahaha but, yea.

on the right is a desk/make-up desk that has lights all up and down the mirror. Like, a make-up artists stand. I mean WOW it was so BEAUTIFUL. and then there was this tall dresser that had draws that would close themselfs shut. NON-MECHANICAL.:') and you turn it around and theres a MIRROR. :'D WHAT JOY TO MY HEART! (and this is when i started crying)
It was such a beautiful sight. :')

So, as usual everybody leaves and the day gets more lazy. 
So, Happy Belated ThanksGiving!


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