Monday, December 19, 2011

Pierina Granger PG-13

Konnichiwa Mina-san! Hello everybody!

Recently I went to Universal! I have an annual pass and It was my friend ~Pierina-Chan's~ Birthday and we celebrated this on December 17th, 2011 Her actual birthday is December 16th, but she had her Universal Party on the 17th. A few people came, there was, Pierina-Chan, Tristan-Chan, (Sissy)Ariel-Chan, Sebastian-Chan, Kristal-Chan, and a couple others. We all went on the big rides such as Dueling Dragons, Hulk, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, this small rollercoaster, and Dr.Doom ♥ o^-^o 

We are entering Hogsmead right here. *=^-^=*

This is the whole entire group together! The guy on the bottom left looks so funny. It's like his  body's to big for his head hahaha Just saying. (NO HARD FEELINGS TO THE GUY). 

These are the Beauxbatons, Hogwartians, and Durmstrangs!

I love fleurs wand by the way! It's so pretty. ♥ But, excluding hermione's wand that I have I SOOO want Luna's wand! It's SO gorgeous I love the flower on it. ♥ 

Gorgeous RIGHT?!

When we would all go on the rides our friend Tristan helped us get on rides faster. ♥ 'Cause we so famous. (; Tehehehe :3 I mean we even got into the Ollivanders shop being first in line! It was so funny though! He literally looked like a dealer. xD He would smile and do that thing with your head when you say yea. It's like a small nod haha. Then he'd cross his arms. xD He's amazing. xD Even though I don't know him like~X~(Crossed fingers<--)

I had this really cute backpack on! It's a Harry Potter backpack and I got it for christmas(Long story) but to make it short my mom and dad are seperated and they share time.


Then I was wearing this necklace. It's the Time Turner that hermione had. ♥


Then, later on in the day when it was just Pierina-Chan, Kristal-Chan, Sebastian-Chan and I Sebastian-Chan was SOOO FUNNY. He literally ran around as if he was on that 5 hour energy drink hahahaha. He was like "high five!" and some people would high five him and be so cool about it! and others we're like "Don't touch me", or "Get away from me." lol Here are some funny ones:

1."High five!" -oldman "yea!" (I was like he brought the old man back to life! xD)
2."High five!" Lady high fives him and then since we are walking behind him she 
rubbed her hand on her boyfriends arm with such repugnance in her face. xD
3."High five, I am trying to get a world record here!" Grown man high fives him  
and looks at me and does that thing when a girl twists her hair but it means phsyco.



Then, on this brilliant day Pierina-Chan finally got her first robe! She's a Gryffindor just like me! ♥

Thats my Itouch btw ♥
Kawaii? ♥

and her first wand~Hermonies~ Just like me :'3 (BFFLAD'S♥)

Then there was this one guy that was working at the train on the 9 and 3/4 Platform, and Pierina-Chan took a picture with him and they were talking and she was all giggly. xD Then as it got to night we saw him again and she was like "OH MY GOD IT'S YOU AGAIN!" and he was like "Hey!" Then they started chatting and she said that she had gotten her first wand and she didn't have it in her hand and he was like "Well, pull it out!" and it's supposed to be in this little pocket inside the robe were you can reach the wand at any minute and she got out the bag with her wand in it and he was like "What? Why would you have your wand put away? You just got it and you have in there?" Pierina-Chan "Well, I was going on a rollercoaster and I was afraid it was going to fall out so I put it away." and he said "Oh well, that acceptional." and then Sebastian-Chan had his hands on his stomach and was rubbing it and the Conductor was like, "What are you doing?" "Wel.."Why are you rubbing your Digestive system? Does that make you comfortable?" and we were dieing inside xD OMG It was SOO hilarious! 

Her laughing                  and                Him being hilarious.

Then, as the time going by while we were dieing of laughter Pierina-Chan so happened to put her wand back away and I wanted to take a picture of her and the Conductor and I was all ready and he was like "Were's your wand?" Pie-Chan "It's(xD) i.." "We are about to take a picture and you put your wand away?! Goodness gracious lady! Take it out!" Pie~"Ok (hahaha) ok (xD)" 

Lol Sebastian-Chan is helping her pose~

FINALLY ♥ hahaha ♥
BTW, Pierina-Chan cried because she was so happy. ♥ haha :3
Oh my gosh look at Hogwarts♥

I wanna go there :'(

Look at this! It's the North Star! ♥

Now before I make this any longer than it already is I am going to stop right here.
Thank you for reading and please tell your friends to view, like, and follow my blogspot!


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