Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hello! So, I have not posted and made a youtube video in a LONG time. I never really had the motivation.. BUT when I saw that I had 10,000 views on one of my videos!! I could not resist. I mean...10,000!!!! 10,000 freaking views!

I know not a big deal...but after only 4 videos made and 10,000 views on ONE of them..Thats awesome :') I was spazzing while thinking of the number after I read it. I mean I thought that it might be like 3,000 from my last time i saw it...but wow. Life can be amazing like that :') Do you want to see for yourself?

This is the makeup tutorial that I made a while back:

This is my youtube channel! 

I have something else youtube related to talk about! So, I made a new youtube! Its a group youtube! FOR VOCALOIDS ♥ My friends and I are going to make skits and things for it! Plus we will make random videos like stupid things lol. The new youtube is called: OurVocaloidDream  

 It's a youtube that my group in process (meaning that I don't have a kaito, rin, or luka) is going to make comedy videos! We will also go to cons and make videos and take pictures to show how the convention is o^-^o We are super best friends ♥ and we hope we make this work out >D

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