Saturday, March 10, 2012

Megacon: The anime convention ♥

I am so sorry for not blogging lately. Recently I have been busy with school. I had performances, projects, missing assignments and more to fix. I am thankfully back and ready to blog!

So, does anybody like to cosplay? 


I love cosplaying! It's my favorite thing to do!  It's my number 1 hobbie! 

Recently, there was a con=convention=anime convention called 
It's a huge anime convention that carrys comics, art, contests, and more! This convention is so big that because this year was so packed and was only 3 days..Next year they are making it 4 days! I can not wait for the next 2013 megacon! It's the most exciting convention I've been to yet! 
So, starting with a story..
Before the con I was wiped out of money from christmas and just buying things in general. My mom in the previous convention (AFO) spent about $500 on me for the hotel, items, tickets, and food. These conventions cost so much money. EXPESSIALLY if you cosplay for them. So for megacon my mom decides to tell me 2 weeks before the convention that she is not paying for anything this time, not even the ticket. SO, I had to work my but off going to the neighbors asking them if i could assist them with anything to make a couple bucks. Then since my dad owns a company, I worked for him and made $60 plus the money owed me which was $50. 


I ended up making $600 dollars in the end. Thats when I learned that if you really want something. You'll do anything just to get it.
Futhermore, I payed for everything. I payed for my ticket, food, costume, and items. The first day (Friday) I skipped school for the con and dressed up as louise from zero no tsukaima as a maid.


(Tony Stark) 
Yes I did make the dress.

Fridays pictures:



Now, on saturday I dress up different. I was the famous HASTUNE MIKU.


Saturdays and Sundays Pictures:
They all screamed when they saw me xD and when I posed they screamed louder I was like WAHH! xD

My gorgeous best friend and brother!♥
Girl in the middle(red)..SO PRETTY -.-"
My moms friend ken! ♥ 
These are all my new great, wonderful, awesome, amazing, cool, awesome friends! 
This guys amazing o.o

and so on...

As I was hanging out with my new friends Kiara and Andrew sitting down, I happened to have shorts with pockets under my miku skirt and I was reaching for my phone and they where like 
" What are you doing.." o.o 
"Haha getting my phone..thats it. haha"
" you have pockets in there?!"
"yes...I am not going comando."
"Oh hahahahahaha"
So, we came up with this hilarious idea. where we would be sitting down next to some hot girl or man and we would be reaching for our phone and they would look at us and we'd be like
It was hilarious! 
This is us all together at once~ We recently hung out at the mall<3
Kiara            Me          Andrew  
I love these anime geeks ♥ 

A lot of drama happened megacon weekend too. One tip. Never try to find love or get into something so fast because you can end up getting hurt really badly.

SO! I am going to finish this long long long post! WITH!!!!!!!


Yes I met him. No this is not fake. Yes I did touch him. Yes that is me in the picture on the left, and yes thats my bestfriend next to me ♥
We payed a whole bunch of money just to see him. We waited in line for a LONG time. But! We were first in line! We met a couple people. One named Noah. That I no longer have contact of :( I am mad at pierina for deleting the number -.-" Then When we got in the place we said hi, i love you, *Hug*, *Click*, and good bye. It was fast, why? because there was like 100 others behind us. 
So, I would like to explain my friend pierina's epic fail.
So We got our spot saved to go see where tom felton was signing autographs. I was looking around and so happen 2 feet away to be exact, was tom felton and bodyguards. I was like 
"Pierina, Pierinaaaa, Pierina. look its tom felton." *Points*
"Where where is he! I can't find him! WHERE!???!!!" *Looks around while he is right in front of her*
"right there! -.-" He is right there!" *turns her head towards him and it takes her a minute to find him*
"OH MY GODD!!! THERE!" *Sees him JUST before he walks behind a curtain.*
"wow pierina....just wow."
"HE WAS SO CLOSE!!!" D'x *crys* 




Well, thank you for reading! I really appreciate it! 
Follow me please!

xoxo :* Mooch


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